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The Project will help you to know a little more about problems of modern life:

 The most recent information on development of world capitalist economy and finance. Developed countries as 'global financial parasite' (financial rentier).

 System of global financial exploitation of the third world countries through mechanism of 'negotiated prices' on main exchanges of the world that is organized by IMF & WB

 Redistribution of world surplus product between developed and developing countries. Contradiction between socialization of worldwide Production and private appropriation of its Results by small group of corporations and governments is revealed with a help of analysis of facts and figures of last years.

 Bourgeois and governmental globalism as the latest and the last stage of world imperialism development. Utilization of NATO/UNO world military power as a "guarantor of global economy" ruled by US-Europe bigger capital.

 New look to class struggle at world scale, on class inequality and reasons of modern wars and military conflicts as inevitable effect of impudent robbery of poor countries by global financial network of bigger world banks and corporations.

 Modern military-industrial complex (MIC). Consolidation of superpowers' military as global gendarme in searching for worldwide profits as a last measure to save dying bourgeois civilization. Calculation of actual value of the commodity "US DOLLAR", that is permanent reason of war inside military-bourgeois clique. When voting for dollar WE ALL vote for war - Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Iraq...

 On this page there are many theoretical texts continuing Marxist-Leninist tradition that based on dialectical materialism. They concern the processes of dying out of the following phenomena and definitions: 'money', 'state', 'capital', 'social classes'. There is a history and logic of inevitability of the end of capitalist industrial relations.

 The Site is also provided with formulas of Karl Marx as they were developed according to the requirements of the XXI century. It might be interesting for those who involved in Marxist studies which may be useful for the world communist and workers movement in terms of further development of Marxist theory.

 Besides this there are some texts about the Past, Present and Future of Russia and the rest of the world; here you may find: the items of information of the Last Time prophet (V.Lavrova), decoding concerning Christ, Antichrist, and the 'numbers of the Beast ' ('666') [so far in Russian].

 You can also find the Revolution there which is surrounding us everywhere and forming the Ring that is to be Spiral.



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